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Driveshaft measurement questions... with a twist


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Alright, I just put on some RE 4.5" springs in the rear of my rig and I've ended up with about 5.5" of lift out of them. First problem I had was the driveline bound up when I went to move the rig, so I pulled the shaft and ground on the slip yoke as a temp. measure. Put it back together thinking the vibrations would be horrible and I'd have no choice but to add a fixed yoke and get a CV driveshaft, but to my surprise it drives great down the road up to 60mph with no vibrations, just a slight bit of noise from a u-joint that's getting ready to crap out. I figure all of this is due to my driveline being longer than most normal XJ's since I have the Peugot BA10/5 which mounts 4" forward than the AW4 and AX15.

Anyway, since the ground out stock yoke is ghetto and I'm not sure if I want to trust it's strength when wheeling, I'm going to hit up the local wrecking yard for a stock YJ driveline to rob the slip yoke off of for some extra travel in the joint, and I'm going to have the local driveline shop add some length to the stock shaft to avoid problems with the driveline slipping out when things are extended. And I don't want to hear anyone say the YJ slip yoke is longer... it is a bit, but not very much (I've seen them compared in person before... it's less than an 1/8" as far as I could see).

My question is... HOW MUCH should I have them add? Obviously I don't want to add too much and have the driveline pound into the t-case under compression, but too little and it doesn't solve my problem. Any suggestions for how to measure for the proper length driveline with a slip yoke introduced into the equation?

Damn, after writing all that... I guess I should call the driveshaft shop. Anyway, any suggestions or experience anyone can offer? And NO, I'm not going to "do it right" and buy an SYE, as I don't feel I need one at this point, and I'm not going to dump money into the 231 when I may end up changing it out down the road for a flipped D300.
not sure what to tell you but search driveline on here and i bet about 30 pages will come up. you will have to do some reading but i bet you will find your answer.... good luck
Put your yoke on the t-case output and slide it out so there's about 1" of spline showing. You probably won't have enough up travel to need anymore slip in that direction and that also gives you plenty of spline engagement for suspension drop.

Measure from the center of the t-case output yoke to the center of the pinion yoke. Subtract your existing length from the measurement you just took and that's how much you need to add.