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door removal thought


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little Tijuana
i see alot of people cutting the hinges, couldn't you just unbolt the hinges and take it straight off rather than cut them?

im thinking of doing that if its easier than cutting them
Make sure you mark all your shims so you know which door they go on and which direction is up.

I do the same thing. :)

If you cut the hinges you can drop the doors right back on.

If you unbolt em, you need two guys and a wrench to get everything lined back up.

And the doors are not structural.

making a couple cuts then sliding doors on and off > unbolting then rebolting and aligning, then loosening bolts because you didn't get it right, then aligning then tightening and so on until you get them right
i see i've heard that taking the doors off makes the unibody flex, oh and i have a 2dr so theres one less pillar there

I havent notice on mine..So why do you want to go door less for then? Just asking
soo you'd rather take your doors off so that instead of getting dents, you eat the tree yourself? interesting theory lol