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door lock cylinders


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now i know your gonna tell me to search and i did and didnt get what i wanted out of the search. i need some new door locks and my local dealership wants $30 a piece for each side and there not keyed and in pieces and have to be taken to a locksmith to have them keyed. i was just wondering since mine has a chevy style key if i can get a door lock cylinder for a chevy. i have a 1990 xj and i have looked at 1986 s-10 door locks and they look pretty close to the same. plus the s-10 door lock cylinders are only around $15 for the set. has anybody ever done this before.
just aslong as the fit the same and move the same i see no prob. GL
Check Napa/Car Quest and even some of the discount A/P stores that carry the "Help" line of parts (red packages made by Motor Mite I think?). I've seen complete sets that come already keyed, and they work fine
Those are bastards to change, need an eye on the end of an antenna and a few more joints in your fingers.