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Does your system Bump?

:laugh: :laugh2: :roflmao:

Now that's crazy.

thank you hahahaha
Thats cute, too bad not longer...... :laugh3: :laugh3: :laugh3:
RichP said:
Thats cute, too bad not longer...... :laugh3: :laugh3: :laugh3:
longer than i can go :(
rock rash said:
oh god no!
YEP! That was my XJ when I competed in USAC Outlaw SPL back in 2003.
And no I did not wheel it back then,YES it's all tore out & replaced with a
small moderate system,because all I do now is wheel.

When I bought the XJ the front would not engage due to the vacuum
disconnect.So I left it alone for two years,then I got on the jeep forum
and found how to fix it,been wheelin ever since.

I'm still glad I competed with it,because I got invited to the USAC World Finals
and placed 9th in 601 & up Modified with a SPL of 167.4 db's.
rock rash said:
Thats no suprise :D
must your mother tell you everything
Oh ok. i'll have to talk to her about that. tell her i'll be over later for some lovin
It took me two years to quit calling my XJ a truck, just a Jeep.

To make you feel better, most recent pic of my car and Jeep: