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Does .25" matter when it comes to LCA's?


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Aliso Viejo, CA
Ive seen all the charts that say what the best lengths are but I was wondering...
I have 16" LCA's on my 3" lift.
I am downsizing to the XJ upcountry coils , which Ihope to get 1" to maybe 1.5" from. Do I need/will it matter if I keep the longer 16" LCA's on there??

Thanks JTS
You should be fine. Your wheelbase will be a tad (1/4") longer, but you can readjust your caster with the Upper control arms, or back up the LCAs if they aren't already all the way back against the mounts. Does that make sense?
KY Chris
ummm. youre right, that was a little difficult to make out. But, I take it that the lca's can still be adjusted?? Let me know how to do it...Thanks
+.25" LCA's with 1" of lift really aren't needed, but they shouldn't hurt you either. They will rotate your pinion angle down slightly from where it would be stock, it also increases your caster slightly.
Neither should be enough to effect you negatively.

If your arms aren't a flexable, or articulating type, I'd just swap the stock ones back in anyway, they ride better than the typical poly bushing type LCA.