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Distributor Help


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Colorado Springs
Need help- working on my 96 XJ with a 4.0 and the distributor has a clicking noise. I can actually feel the click coming from the cap- but is sounds like a lifter click. I just changed the cap and rotor thinking it may be arching. But the noise and thump is still there! Any suggestions? :confused: Thanks...
I did a search and found this thread .... I'm having the exact same issue in my 96 as well.

I haven't changed the cap/rotor/wires yet, but plan to tonight.

Any suggestions as to what this noise is?
Check the inside off you old cap and see if the rotor was hitting it at all. Also take your new cap of the dist. and see if you can move the rotor shaft any amount. It may have a tiny tiny bit but any more and I think it may let things contact.
I bought a new rotor and new cap as well as the sensor that goes on the bottom of the rotor. I still had that clicking noise... So I checked every XJ I could and found that the 3 other 1996s I checked had the same clicking noise. So that was 20 K miles ago and I still have that noise but the jeep runs fine.... So if you figure it out please let me know- otherwise I say drive it!
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