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Digital Video Camera Recommendations?


NAXJA Member
Williams AZ
Thinking about buying a digital video camera...any advice or thoughts on cameras you've had...what you like and what you don't.

I want one the uses SD cards (because thats what my still camera takes), but I am still keeping my options open.

Prefer a brand name...I've always had better luck with sony and pioneer if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the help
I've had the sony dv one for a couple of years now, No problems I like it. I heard to stay away from the one's that take the dvd disk .
I bought a nikon coolpix 3100, geeze, almost two years ago now. Takes good picks. Takes memory cards. Daughter complains it eats batterys too fast but then after she takes pics she keep paging thru them and any of the lcd's will suck them down quick. I've not had an issue.
I've also heard the same about the disk ones from sony and unless you plan on taking alot of full motion video I pass on them.
I was hoping to stay under $500, but I want something that is good...I plan to buy it from EBAY most likely, or somewhere else online.

Go look at them first at bestbuy or walmart, get a feel for it. Some 'feel' right, some don't...
I picked up a Sharp VL-Z7U...very light, lcd screen rotates completly around....very easy to use....able to rotate lens from your hand so your hand does not cramp...my .02
Look at demos at Best Buy, Circuit City etcc...
Note the model numbers and compare to B&H Photo like noted above. I like Sony products. I put mine through torture (SonyTRV-38 mini dv)and it still works fine. I use it for capturing action footage (whitewater kayaking, atv riding etc..) Hint: use a wide angle lens .6x or .7x zoom (fisheye) for action shots. Get close to the subject rather than using the zoom feature when possible.
Mine is a Canon ZR90. Does 2 media types.. and is a good DV camera IMHO.