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Different Coolant Reservior


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Austin, TX.
Does anyone know if there are any other types of vehicles that had a closed cooling system and used a better coolant reservior that is adaptable to my XJ. I have bought 2 new bottles and caps and they just plain suck. I considered changing to the open system but my radiator is brand new and i paid just under $200 dollars for it. I dont really want to take it out and change if I can get this system to at least somewhat work. I just need to get the bottle to stop leaking. Everything is new and there isnt any air in the system, I am just getting crappy products that wont hold up in the Texas heat. Its going to be 105 today with very high humidity. Please help. Thanks guys

Did you get a new cap ech time with the bottle? Don't overtighten them or you will crush the gasket and can cause leaks.

Pad the reservoir using a cut section of radiator hose, and make sure there is enough hose to/from the bottle that you aren't causing strain that way.

See if any of this helps http://www.frii.com/~yuccaman/jeep/cooling.html and let me know if anything else comes to mind.
Eagle has the part numbers to change to an aluminum tank that takes a standard radiator pressure cap, from Summit racing, Around $60 or so IIRC.
I Changed mine over the the Morrose aluminum tank from I got from JEGGS. It worked great. You have to do some plumbing work with brass fittings to get everything to hook up but it is a easy upgrade and helps keep the jeep cool.
Moroso part number is 63650 with a stamped filler neck, 63651 with a billet neck.

Check out www.cheapxj.com -- he found a Pontiac bottle in a junkyard that he said worked well and is a lot cheaper than the Moroso.