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Day Trip 4/9/22

Very tempting - put me down as "tentatively yes".
Welp, switch me from a "tentative" to a "no":

I thought all I had to do to prep was to get the locknut on the trackbar and torqued (I had to replace the bolt at the frame-side end back in December in order to shorten it up and recenter my axle), but when I started it up and hit the brake pedal this afternoon it went most of the way to the floor and was real soft. Turns out the smaller chamber in the reservoir was almost empty of fluid (but I don't think I sucked more than a tiny bit of air).

Topping it off didn't do anything for me, and I know from a couple years ago the bleeders on the drums are hopelessly rusted solid. I could try loosening the hard lines instead and attempting to bleed the drums from there, but I know that won't really do the job right.

So I guess it's time to replace the wheel cylinders, and if I'm going that far, I probably ought to do the shoes and hardware too and get a fresh start.

Since I had to go into work today, I only found this out about half an hour ago so there's no time to get the driveway rearranged to put the Jeep where I can actually work on it and I need the weekend to finish up the paperwork for "national give the Government their cut day" (read: taxes). I should have time to get out and get/order the cylinders/shoes/hardware tomorrow, but it's looking like next Saturday (and possibly a bit of Sunday, depending on how smoothly the job does or doesn't go) will be spent doing my first rear brake job.

Hope the weather holds for you guys, and that you don't break too much.

Looks like the weather should be pretty good for this weekend, and less chaos.
Anyone making the trip, I'll be there this weekend, just not on the trails, I've got government work to attend to.
But I'll be around.