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d60/70 + 5 H1 rims+d300 CANADA


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I have a set of axles from a 1 ton 1981 dodge
60 front pass side
70 rear
4.56s on open diffs.

I have 5 H1 rims with 5 rubber run-flats all great condition. (missing nuts to put together, nothing special about the nuts!!!)

I have a d300 that needs seals and bearings if it helps move the axles!
l will not seperate the rims from the axles or the tcase.( unless some one wants just the axles, EVERYBODY wants the rims!!!!)
Located in North Bay ON. ( can put on pallet and load)
Can deliver to TORONTO --FREE
$2000 CAN
Easy way to go 1 ton with DOUBLE BEADLOCK rims and a tcase that bolts up to 23 spline trannies!!!!

Can put on pallet and load for free!