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D44 disc conversion: Crown Vic or ZJ?


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I'm looking for the cheapest route, IE be able to find a lot of parts in the JY, I plan on buying new brake lines, rotors, pads, and reman'd calipers, as well as the Mopar bearing retainer plate.

That said and done all I think I'd need from the JY is the dust cover, bracket that the caliper mounts to, and calipers for a core at the parts store. Am I missing anything?

If thats all I need, then which kit is easier to install? I've heard neither are "bolt in", and require a little modifying, which I'm fine with, so long as it's something I can do with the few tools I have or can but at Harbor Freight really cheap.
What axle is it going on?

NM. D44. Ok, Ford Explorer. ZJ is out.

Here's the D44 explorer article that just fell off to page 2.


If it's a d44, the crown vic requires enlarging the backing plate hole, but the bolt pattern will match. The Explorer backing plates require the bolt holes to be elongated but the center hole can be left alone. Both ford brakes need the rotor opened up. Also, don't use the rubi plates, but get preload spacers from Teraflex. Also, the vic has the calipers staggered, one is on the front of the rotor, the other is on the back. The amount of grinding is going to be the same between the two, elongate the bolt holes, or open the center hole.
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