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D30 Knuckle interchangabilty


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Hobart, WA
Anyone know if there are any differences between the knuckles on a 91' XJ and an 01' XJ - I had thought they were the same as are the ZJ's and most of the YJ stuff looks the same as well - Has any one actually bolted it up and made sure...

I am trying to find out if BillR can use one of the spare knuckles I have laying around...


PNWXJ said:
I know that is a very round about way of answering your question but...it is kinda amuzing I think.


How does that answer my question :confused: All I got from that thread other than losing 3 or 4 IQ points was that there are differences in the TJ and XJ hubs (news flash!!!)

I was asking about the knuckle- not the hub... Fortunately it is a moot point as Bill found a donor axle to swap everything over and confirmed my original gut feeling that everything fits fine...

88' D30 knuckles on a 01' D30 axle housing - for those skimming is the answer is yes they fit!