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Cylinder walls after blown head gasket


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Doha, Qatar
Hello all,

I had an overheat with my XJ these days... It has an engine that was remmaned and came from my TJ. The engine was oversized by 0.20 about 10.000km ago and has a performance camshaft stated as stage 1 by Cleggs Engines (I don't know the specs)

It worked OK on the TJ although it desperately needed tuning for the camshaft but that's very hard to find in Qatar, where I live.

I then got the XJ and decided to use the new engine on it, but with a smaller radiator in bad shape and poor cooling, it overheated and blew the gasket.

When the mechanic removed the head for inspection, he found the situation shown on the images attached and I was very disappointed with the cylinder situation.

Could that be because of the overheat of is it just poor assembly from the overhaul?

Before I close the engine with a milled head and new gasket, should I be concerned and do something about these cylinders?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Best Regards!



That's a pretty nasty scuff, if you got the time and funds a good hone and set of rings would be the minimum recommendation, if not a new set of pistons. That being said these are some of the most forgiving engines around, (other than sub par cooling systems!) So it is entirely possible it may be okay. Maybe someone else here has had this happen.
That scoring/dis-coloration around the wrist pin area would deeply concern me.
Could that scuffing be the result of overboring and not using oversized pistons? 20-thou seems like it's on the edge of needing to upsize the pistons.
wrist pins are an issue here, you may need new parts there. hoping the wrist pin marks on the bore are not deep.

Your pistons should be removed and all the piston, pin and bore tolerances checked. Id not reassemble as is.