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crysler 8.25 axle


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So i believe this is a crysler 8.25 axle on my xj. can anyone confirm this for me, hopefully i dont have a dana 35
Thank you
for some reason i dont think the picture is uploading give me a little bit to figure it out
Thanks for the reply
its a supercharged 4.0, but i wont be doing crazy rock crawling like some guys with very built jeeps do but i will be doing quite a bit of off roading with 33/12.5 tires so the stronger the axle the happier i am. now i just need to pull the axle and hope i count 29 spline and install a locker
The year would tell what axle spline you have?
My '96 has an April build date and came with 27 splines.
yeah im pretty sure mine was built in december of 95 so i dont have my hopes up for it to be a 29 spline so im probably run to some pick and pulls around town and try and find 29 spline axles and carrier and swap em out
if im changing the axles. would i even need the carrier? or would i just buy a 29 spline locker
You just need the locker and Yukon axles are fairly inexpensive for a bullet-proof set-up. From the sounds you might want to look into disc brakes also.
I would think an 8.8 would be easier than all that....
Disks, 31 spline, maybe find the ratio you want?

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Realize that if you are changing the carrier you are setting up gears.

It isn't just a matter of unbolting one thing and bolting in another.