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Cross Enterprises Rear Shock Hoop


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Hello List!!
I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this shock hoop. It looks like it would work well and but it is kind of expensive at $175.

I have attached a link to the Cross Enterprises Web Page.


Any feed back that I can get would be great.

Thanks List!!!

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That looks pretty slick. I'd like to know what they require in tailpip mods as my tailpipe is directly in the way of using a system like that.
It's not bad. Increases travel and raises the mounts on the axle. You have to pretty much cut the tailpipe off and start over.
I'm running it. I would highly recommend it. It definitely increased my articulation in the rear, and I did not notice any decrease in ride quality on-road.
I just picked one up... Got it used from big Dillinger. I have yet to get around to installing it. I threw a couple coats of paint on it. I know the picture on the Cross Enterprises Site isnt the best so Ill show you some. I'll let you know how the install goes and what I'll do about the exhaust. It seems that I may need to relocate the rear brake line as well ( :rolleyes: ). I'll get some installed pictures back as well. Check it out...

Cross Rear Shock Hoop...

I have Cross Hoop Edition #001. I have had mine on for approximately 2.5 years. Works great, It was wonderful to get the shock mounts out of the way. Mine is a daily driver and have had no problems at all. You will need to rerout your exhaust. I had mine done for $25.00
Sean :D
I got the hoop installed today, I did have to relocate the brake line (bend the bracket a inch or so) and the exhaust does need to be re-routed. I need to pull my 44 and weld on some new shock mounts I'll throw up some pictures when I finish.
What size shock do you have to use? I have a 4" lift and 4" lift shocks, will I need another size?