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Convert to manual hubs?


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Orono, Maine
Just wondering if it's possible to convert the front auto's to manual locking, and what would be involved to do it... especially as far as $$ is concerned. '95...

edit: Just ran a search and found some info, but I'm still unclear on whether this is a reasonable task to take on. I'm looking to do it mostly to improve gas mileage, and road handling (lighten up the front end).

Is there a way to pull something off an older model and swap it out? Or is that not worth it. Thanks for any info.
Cost for the kits is around $700 to $900 -- then you have to have hubs machined, and pay for labor to install if you don't do it yourself.

Don't see how it's going to save you any weight -- if anything, I'd guess it'll weight a few ounces more than the stock unit hub/bearing, but on a 3,500 pound vehicle I don't think the weight is a factor. Gas mileage might improve a bit, but let's say it improves by 2 MPG -- how many miles would you have to drive before the gas savings amount to the $1000 the conversion's going to cost you?

I happen to agree that's the way XJs should have been made, but I can't make the numbers work to justify the conversion. I think you have to do it because you think it's "better."
Two kits on the Market, Warns and Mile Marker. $700-$900

Do a search, someone was doing a MileMarker Install. The 91 and older came with the vacuum disconnect axle. They most likely have the smaller 260 u-joint, the 95' front axle you have now might have the 297, larger u-joint. The only reason some switch to the disconnect axle is to aid in running a front locker.

Some have said they have shaves a MPG or two after the conversion.

Thanks guys. What you've said is what I figured. It's hard to justify spending that much just to get a couple mpg and better steering feel. I've just noticed that the steering is kinda sluggish compared to my old Bronco2, which had manual hubs - you could really feel the difference between locked and unlocked. I'll be the first to admit that my rides do far more on-road driving than off, so I'm primarily focused on that...

Oh well, it looks like it's not a conversion worth doing. Too bad. You're right Eagle, it should have at least been an option. My dad's '99 SuperDuty has the optional manuals... a big selling point for him actually!