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coil spacer

you pull the coil out... grease the bump stop piece (the metal part), and then painfully get the coil spacer up there (some are easier then others though... so yours might not be that tough).

BTW - you can pick and choose how much lift you want when you install a coil spacer. That is, if it is the poly type and not aluminum.

The factory spacer is rated at about 3/4" tall. If you have a 1 3/4" poly spacer, you can lift just an inch by discarding the factory rubber spacer. They are also stackable, so you can run 2 on top of eachother for 3 1/2". This is good only for street or show though, a taller spring is really needed for trail use. Personally, I wouldn't run more than 2 1/2" of spacer lift.