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Chicago Help! Need a cheap mounted 31!


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Hey everyone

I hit a piece of steel and took the sidewall out of one of my tires last Friday, and all I have is the donut spare! Not so great when the other 3 are 31's! A have a new set of 5 wheels and tires on the way, but I sure could use a mounted 31 while I'm waiting. Anything is fine, as long as it holds air. The tire I cut is on a 16" wheel, so I'd need a 265 70 or something close.

Anything would be better than this donut spare.

Drop me a line or call my cell and I will be happy to pick it up. I'm on the NW side of Chicago, and work in Mt. Prospect.

[email protected] (773)580-0968

To think, I just sold a complete set of 5 not two weeks ago...

-T. (TIA)
Ive got a 32 on a 15 inch black rim, im 50 or 60 miles west of chicago by DeKalb. its a little worn out, so its probly pretty close to 31"
Thanks everyone. It looks like I've located one. I had my wheels and tires ordered from an on-line business, but the wheels were back ordered. I hopped on down to Discount Tire in Mt. Prospect and the manager there, Scott, hooked me up. Got the price down to within $100 of what I had them ordered on line for, and even came up with a used tire I can borrow until the new ones arrive. And no back order on the same wheels...

This is the third set of tires I've purchased from this location and my experience has always been this good. I should have just given them my business in the first place. Live and learn.

I have always had good luck with Discount, several locations.

Sometimes in our quest for lower prices we tend to forget about the local buisness that really needs our money.

Glad you got it handled.

There's a discount tire being built in Highland over here...glad to hear good things about them!

By the way I was at a pick and pull a few months ago (well, it was still fall) and I saw 2 worn 31x10.50 BFG A/T's just lying around. They are probably gone by now, but, my point was that junkyards might have them as well.....even though you were taken care of already, thought I'd mention that for anybody else who stumbles across this thread.