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Cheapest Place to Get some Nice Muds or A/t's


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Dont' car if they are an in brand or an off brand i just want some nice muds or some really really agressive A/T's. Looking for either some 30's or 31's, if i pick the 31's i'll just be using a 2" BB. I was also considering some retreads. When i say cheap i'm not meaning $100 per tire as compared to $130-150 a tire for BFG's, i'm looking more in the range of like $60, $70, $80?


My supervisor got a set of 30x9.50 Hoosier radial ATs from a local shop for IIRC $55 each. These are a good looking open tread pattern, more aggressive than BFG AT, (sort of look like Goodyear AT/S but more aggressive) and lots more siping to let the water/mud out.

I had good luck with (one) Wide-Climber MT that replaced a trashed 33x12.5 BFG MT. IIRC it was $100 mounted/balanced so I'd expect that a 30 or 31 would be less. I put maybe 15k on this tire/paired with a 700 mile older BFG-MT. They wore equally and the off-brand put up with all the crap I put the other BFGs through (3x Tellico, ??x Uwharrie = lots of muddy rocks)

One of our engineers has 31x10.5 Cooper STT (MTs) on his 1/2t farm truck and he likes them too. I doubt this truck ever sees an 'easy' mile.

The Coopers and Wide Climbers are studable too, if you live in snow/ice country.
Pep Boys sells the Cooper's(Pro-comp's)
Wal Mart sells the Big-O's
cheap AT's or mud tires

ProComp is having a buy 3 - get one free sale thru June. I have heard that the AT is a great tire and fairly decent off-road....50Kmile warranty. A 31 x 10.5 x 15 will run you about $115 x 3 + installation.
I ordered a set of 31 x 10.5 x15" Xterrains at a slightly higher price....$145 x 3 + installation. I'm putting these on a used set of Canyon rims and using them for strictly off-road.
I found what appears to be a real decent (and affordable) tire in Bridgestone Revo's. 245 x 75 x 16 for my OEM wheels, it is a daily driver. These tires were rated very highly on tirerack.com: $100 each + shipping. Probably a little more than you want to spend, but they did have some $80 tires in those sizes too.
Last,...but not least,...you can try some of the local tirestores. They get new take-offs all the time and you can usually get them mounted & bal. for about 60 cents on the dollar of BRAND NEW. I bougt an excellent set of new take-off 265 75 x 16" Pathfinders this past December.
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