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CD player Cuts off randomly


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virginia beach
ok well i got my sub hooked up this weekend. a 12" sony xploid with a sony 250 watt amp. and everyonce in a while the cd player will just turn off randomly and then turn back on. does anyone know what this problem is or how i could fix it? oh and when i turn my sub off, the cd player is fine, but it only cuts off when my subs on. thanks guy
adding a speaker isn't exactly modifies tech... BUT since you asked, the sub is drawing more than your wiring can supply. put a 1F cap (walmart auto section) on the head unit to augment the voltage when the sub spikes... or upgrade the wiring to the sub and head.
Check your ground wires for the amp and radio. Bad ground on my radio caused my radio to turn off. only when the amp was turned on like in your case.