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Carnage Report / Upgrade Wishes


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Well, how did everyone do this year? I have to say this year was pretty brutal on the rigs, for the amount of trails we ran. Lots of wrenching, flushing, and even welding.

I'm pleased to say my junk didn't need a wrench turned on it the whole trip, and performed pretty well overall. I can't complain too much being able to drive it home with the cruise set, and AC on.

I have a few things to look at such as axle seal leaks, and massaging my header panel back into place. Also, got into the rear door a bit at Funny Rocks, but overall it's ready for another run out.
Well I didn't get stuck or broke down THIS year lol but I need to address my front uniframe as I think everyone could hear the pop and creak coming from it lol also have a pinion seal leak on my d30 I'll have to Address. Quarter guard and box rocker panel is needed. It was great learning I could wheel with A/C on as long as I didn't do uphill climbs lol
Front passenger fender is caved in pretty good. Added some pretty serious rock rash to the same fender, A-pillar and pretty much the entire passenger side. And I lost a passenger side door hinge pin.

The jeep worked flawlessly the entire time. No need for upgrades, just would like to find a black front passenger fender to swap.

And i should probably look into something to control the heat coming through the floor.
Broke a shaft. Already got a replacement to put in.

Rear exhaust manifold needs replacing, got a non-Chinese one on the way.

Got the wiring diagram printed out to make my own electric bypass for the e-fan. Also have some hood vents coming in.

Other than that, I'm just going to get started on a bunch of other projects that don't relate to shit I broke - welding up an organizer in the trunk, pulling out the flares and replacing with armor, better CB radio, gas can that actually fits the bumper, etc.

I'm itching to get to TSF in the next few weeks so I'm hoping to burn some time this weekend getting the broken shit fixed for starters.
All is good here. Need a new front axle seal I think for the jeep...

The hauler overheated going up Vantage hill and the coolant pressure blew through a gasket on the front of the engine. Once cooled down and topped up, was good to go so that's the big project for me now. :)

It was a blast meeting you all and I loved wheeling with you guys! Looking forward to doing it again!
My rig did great, until my cat decided to let its guts loose halfway home... Which was a real bummer since I had an exhaust replacement scheduled for Wednesday before we left but I skipped it due to time. Oh well, dropped my brothers jeep off the trailer while nick aired up the tires and we were back on the road in 15 min or so.

Only complaint I had on mine was the a/c, which I will be fixing asap. Only upgrades I see are ones I already have in the works. New axles and a fresh set of iroks will be showing up at NWF16

My brother on the other hand, will have a late model with no cooling issues, and after talking with Adam I've figured out how to make it much more stable and address the shock issues. I'll have to start a build thread for both of them once I get going on things
My brother on the other hand, will have a late model with no cooling issues
Keep it! It works well for what it is. Every XJ has cooling problems sooner or later, and Naches will find them every time.

I'm looking closely at pulling the trigger on a Champion radiator for mine.
I have an upgrade planned.
Just not sure what direction its going yet.
But my MJ is ready to call it quits.

I'd finish welding that track bar bracket back on (you already have one good bead on it :D), and keep wheeling the piss out of it. :dunno:

You've eliminated most of the BPBfab screw ups already.
There is way more to it than the cooling. Wires burning, fuses and fuse panel melting, every bushing and joint shot or melted (after only 3 trips) track bar is too short, steering is a joke, shocks are blown, blah blah blah.

He wants a late model, and I want to build it right the first time and be done for a while. So he will get a late model, I will totally rebuild the rear (new high clearance links, ori's, heims instead of bushings, etc) and all the unused parts from his current jeep will stay, and all the stuff I take off my jeep will go on his blue one, so that we can sell it and recoupe some money. All said and done it won't cost a lot out of pocket. Plus I can make use of all of my stuff instead of giving it all away.

It will be a solid trail rig for someone, and I can build a new one exactly how we want it, and use all the extra parts we have. I know it sounds a little crazy, but there is a method to my madness. Plus I enjoy the build part so it's a win win
Couple weeks after, I found a dent in my under my rear window.


Slashed tire.



Nah, that one doesn't count. But finally took it to a shop for a different issue and they tested the radiator to tell me it had some blockage.

So, I guess a new radiator is on my wish list. Any recommendations?