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Carnage and Indy


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Bakersfield, CA
I'm thinking of coming out for a week and joining you guys. When do you think you'll schedule a Carnage run, and if you run Indy, when would you do it?
If you come out, I'll make sure to be there. I'm on vacation the first 2 weeks of August. I'll even cook you breakfast. ;)

I'll bring a couple bottles of wine if you do some cooking. :)

I figured you'd be there, it would be a shame for me to drive all the way out there and miss those elusive hardcore CO wheelers.

Sorry guys, won't be making it after all. Wifey and I are going to go to the beach for part of the week, and I'm going to go to the mountains for some camping and hiking the rest of the week. I have a 10,000' lake picked out that I can drive my camper to....should be nice.

You all have a great time, I'll see you next year.....be ready. :)