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Can anyone post pics?


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Supposed to have image hosting now, cant seem to get it to work. Back after
The big photobucket fiasco from back in the day.

Picture link above using imgur

Imgur link
Upload it to your post, simple and easy…

Oh yeah this is post from my phone WITHOUT that tapatalk crap!

Click the image button and you can upload.

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Sweet Willys Matt.

Pic test. Lets see if it works for me...


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    Brake switch.jpg
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NICE!! So you can do an attachment like I did or you can click the Insert button and have it a part of the post like Matt. Gives option of thumbnail or full size insert too.

So easy.

Maybe I will actually start posting on my build thread again and possibly re-post my build thread pics.

Trans Cooler lines.jpg

Trans Cooler lines.jpg
Test on my phone

Alternatively, if you're viewing a pic on another site or program, you can right click it and copy it... then while creating a post here on Naxja, you can simply paste the picture into your post. I like this way much better!!!
Anyone can link media, but being able to attach photos is one of the special privileges for NAXJA members.
Mist be a red badge thing. I can only post links to pictures. Maybe in March I’ll be able to post photos.
March membership drive is a great time to join!

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So Join! Join! Join! Adding pics is an easy drag-n-drop. No fancy feet shuffle, no letting of blood, no PB rubbish.

My puny XJ and a real FSJ!

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