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Camping/Expedition Trailer


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I am planning on going on a several month trip this summer into the fall. I have a 2001 xj, auto, 4.0. I have 2.5" OME medium duty spings, shocks, 30" BFG ko's. I am trying to find my best option for a trailer. I currently have an 84x34" cargo box on to of the jeep. I am thinking a trailer with a bed, storage, counter with rough sink, 5+ gallon water setup(pump or running). I will need to setup a hitch on the rear of trailer to hold a 4 bike rack. I will be traveling with 4 bikes ideally. I would like to have an eclosed trailer so that I could put the bikes inside if I leave camp. A cargo trailer with some windows and a door would be perfect. So I was thinking a cargo/snowmobile trailer with a side door and install some framing and windows. How long of a trailer could I tow with maybe 4 feet of rack on the back? I will be in the mountains and on rough roads. There will be steeps and some rough sections/turnarounds. Would like to avoid hangups. Can you guys help get me in the right direction here?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Can anyone give me an idea of what is a maneuverable size trailer for a cherokee. I will have about four feet out the back of the trailer with the rack. How about size in regards to stability on the highway and in the mountains?
Thank you.