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Buyin New Tires


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I've got a set of 15x7 wheels layin around that I painted up for my jeep project and I'm needin some tires to put on them. The tires will be 30x9.5 and will be a mud terrain.

I'm tryin to decide between
Pro Comp MT
BuckShot MT
Wangler MTR
or the Super Sport Radial MT that walmart sells. Also would like to hear other options for a 30x9.5 mt too.
What about Cooper ?

Had these on my old Ford and LOVED 'em ......


Got BFG a/t k/o's on the XJ right now. Had these...


Have not "REALLY" tested out the BFG's yet, but from what I can tell so far I like the Coopers better.

Here's a link to Cooper's site if ya want to see the spec's .....


(click on "LT TRUCK")
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Dunlap Mud Rover
First decide what you'll be using the tires for. I'm guessing your xj is still stock because you're getting 30's. I personally wouldn't buy mtr's or bfg's if I was limiting myself to 30's. Save the money till you can get some 33's. If you aren't going to be doing real aggressive offroad driving, i think the walmart mt's are good enough. Just be sure you get the warranty on them.
My Coopers were horrible in the snow and heavy rain. Had 235's before my mods.

Running BFG AT's now and are nice. For the type of wheeling we do here in the Midwest, I should have gotten MT's
if your wanting a good mudder, check out the TSL Radial....don't wear as good on the road, but hard to beat in the mud for the size
Rocketman said:
My Coopers were horrible in the snow and heavy rain. Had 235's before my mods.

What ones were they? We get a little snow around here but mostly ice and my Coopers worked pretty good. Never did take the old Ford out in ice due to haveing the mudders on it.


Look small for 32's, dont they????

sorry for posting a Ford on a JEEP site!
From looking at pictures, Dunlop Mud Rovers, Remington Mud Brute[what I have], Cooper SST, Kumho MT, they all have the same-ish pattern.2 rows of Z shaped lugs in the middle with a row on lugs on the shoulders. I dont know if they all have the size your looking for. They are all the same to me.
If I get my 5" lift in, I'll go for some Super Swampers, if not, Mud Rovers.
Those Wal Mart mud tires have fragile sidewalls (I was going to get a set until I ran into a fellow Jeeper on the trail with a fairly fresh set-his were 35"x12.5"... I asked about them: He said they work fine, BUT you need to have a good spare and buy their 'road hazard' plan. He claimed to have cut his 2nd tire in 3 weeks of owning them)

IIRC 2offroad ran a set of Dayton(?) Timberline MT in 30x9.5 and liked them enough to stick with them into 31"x10.5 when his XJ grew a little. I've seen them operate in typical SE rocks and mud, they semed to be gripping & cleaning out well enough.
My XJ is more of a daily driver than a wheeler and I dont have the $ for a lift right now but I want a set of MT's to put on the set of wheels I painted for my "deer huntin" project.
Im lookin for a little more ground clearance since I will be crossing some creeks while deer huntin and somethin that wont make me slide all over the road when its raining, and its gotta look good lol.

I might be being a set of tires around the first of the month since Ive got a guy coming by thats wanting to buy the '76 chevy 4x4 I'm sellin. But I dont know right now, it just depends on the price of whatever I get.
comancheon33 said:
i am running those wal mart tires now. The clean out good and dont mke much noise on the road. I got the road hazard so no worries here.

What size and how good are they on the road when its raining?
My cousin has a set of the wally world super sports in 33x12 but they wore out in about 6 months because he wouldnt have them rotated and balanced regularly.

I have made my mind up. http://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=57251
I really like the BFG's but my ride is typically a DD and they really are bad for MPG. I loose about 2-3 MPG with them. Same experince on my ex-Durango (Sold it and got a 92XJ). Don't know about the others listed.