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Busted Trany Mount


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Swansboro, CA
I was crawling under my truck today to try and find the cause of my new clunk, and I found it. The rubber thing between the cross member and the Tcase has sheared. I was doing some hard wheelin last weekend but not that crazy. The thing is only like a year old. Dose anyone know of a more durable option than OEM? Also how hard are they to replace? The dealer did this one when I had my clutch done.
I'm pretty sure mine's toast too. I'm seriously considering the poly option for back there. Don't think I'd use poly for motor mounts, but back there i think it needs some help. There is a poly mount on e-bay right now from JeepersCreepers.
Replacing is pretty easy (on a AW4 auto):

*block up/support tranny & case
*remove bolts holding mount to x-member
*drop x-member
*remove mount
*reverse above steps for reinstalling

If this is for your 87, I hope you have an AW4 auto... the Peugot 5-speed mount is dealer-only and $150 IIRC...

It's a good idea to replace the motor mounts too...the three mounts tend to fail together. I used aftermarket (Advance Auto) rubber mounts...IIRC about $50 for all three.

I do have the blepin Peugot, so your telling me there is nothing other than the OEM, and it costs 150 bones. Major party fowl! :(
It dose seem like it would be a good idea to do the motor mounts I don’t know how long they’ve been in and they are no doubt getting tweaked from the trany being out of place. They look like they would be some kind of PITA to replace. What’s the lowdown on poly vers rubber? Can you really tell the dif or is it just that in theory rubber is quieter. I mean, am I going to hear it over the roar of my tiers? Are the poly supposed to be stronger/last longer? Thank for the info.
Hay woody I got one from NAPA today they tell me it’s the same one as for the auto. It was only 35 bucks. If you know for a fact it wont work let me know I don’t want to pull it apart and not be able to get it together agine. It my DD. What is your source for telling me it’s a dealer only.