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Bump stop

longer stock style bumpstops will fold over and deform easier

hockey pucks raise the contact point
I will be doing this within the next week, like someone above said -- drilling holes and bolting them in will be the best result i would imagine.
Hello. Wondering if there are any pros and cons using the hockey puck vs extended bump stop (stock location)? Thanks

Cheap, work well, and you know where the limit is: when the bump tower hits the puck. Where does the extended bump stop stop compressing?
When you install the hockey pucks, counterdrill the top of the puck so that the bolt that holds it in is recessed slightly into the top of the puck because the bolt can chew up your bumpstop.
when bolting the pucks to the lower spring pad, are you able to fish a nut up on the passenger side? Seems very tight, with stock track bar bracket there. Looks easy enough on the drivers side.
I ran the extended bump stop and it always caught on the spring making alot of noise. Seemed to work but not positive stop length and the noise was annoying. I cut them back and used them in conjuction with pucks. Going up another 1-2", may have to add another puck, easy to do.