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bulk wire on spool for rewiring - where to buy ?


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Hi, I have another project of mine I'm working on.. I thought I'd ask you guys if anyone knows of a good place to buy bulk wire on a spool for automotive application. I'm rewiring a motorcycle of mine, and I want lots of diffrent colors, about 10 feet each.. 12 gauge, some 14, some 10. Well anyone know of a good place to buy/order this stuff ? Only place I have found that seems decent is Waytek Inc - and they want to sell in 100' quanity :(
BrettM said:
delcity has marine grade tinned wire, what's the big advantage of tinned? http://www.delcity.net/delcity/servlet/catalog?parentid=365&page=1

I would like to know what the strand count is on that. Decent deal if the finer stuff.

I just like the way it solders and the ease of working with. In the fine strand stuff it doesn't seem as brittle or easily pulled apart as straight copper which helps a lot in crimped connections. Also in crimped connections it doesn't tarnish which causes crappy connections later on.

Developed a fetish for it back in my big radio days and can't stand most of the crap out there now. Fine wire and glue coated heat shrink are some of the finest things known to man. :D
Nope, Molex and Amphenol...

Strip and crimp at 400 pc/hr is the finest thing known to man :D

Interstate batteries is the best I have found locally for price and selection.