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Broken E brake handle


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south central Pa
My fiance was driving her 93 sport when the button on the ebrake popped off and hit the dash and bounced back at her. Now the ebrake is stuck in the down position and can't be set. the hole where the button used to be now has a threaded bar sticking out.

I have now idea how to take it apart and fix it:wstupid: Will I need a whole new brake handle or can I just go to the junk yard and get the borken pieces from another XJ:huh:
If you still have the spring that was behind the button then put it back on get an electrical wire nut and screw it over the threaded bar and use that as your new button.
I dont know about your year but my 98 did the same, that bar is NOT threaded, it's ribbed. I made a new button out of a chunk of aluminum and expoxied it in there BUT not till after I spent $89 to have the dealer replace the whole assembly, so now I have a spare waiting in case it happens again...