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(Brand New) Seats


NAXJA Member #1069
Lasalle, CO
I just thought I would try to sell these here. I have 2 jeep,or buggie seats.

-Plastic, high back, holes for harness, black padded covers, and sliders.

I picked them up from Hunsacker Sports for $135 plus $40 sh. I would atleast like to get $125 out of them. The reason for selling, is they were for my XJ, but ended up having to get rid of it,:bawl: due to a back injury. I am possibly looking at surgery, so the money would help, since I am not working right now.

Thanks for looking!
Mike :patriot:
No, I don't have any pics, Sorry. You can go to Ebay and look under jeep seats, and you can find them there. Sorry for not being able to post pics!