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Bpi Fab/poison Spider Customs Xj Bumper $250


NAXJA Forum User
Kennesaw, GA
$250, buyer pays shipping,... doesn't include d-rings or bottle opener.

this is the front bumper on my XJ,.. i paid about $400 for it and i believe BPI got bought out by poison spider customs who now sells XJ bumpers for $650. I'm trying to get $250 OBO for this bumper if anyone wants it or knows someone who wants a deal.

here's a picture of the bumper,... i'd be glad to throw a fresh coat of whatever color paint on it you want,.. right now it's gloss black. bottleopener not included.

thanks, Jerry.
how 'bout $315?

i mean, you're still getting a good deal man.,... i can send you more pics if you'd like or you can go look around on www.lostmountainoffroad.com , that's my clubs website and i'm sure there are some pictures of it in the trips section or on the forum somewhere. let me know what you think and i can ship it out first thing monday....

thanks,. Jerry