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Bored Tomorrow 3/17 ??? Wheelin ???


NAXJA Forum User
Portland, Oregon
Myself and my friends Karl and Joe are going to head out to Stevenson tomorrow just to spend a couple hours in the hills playin around.

If anyone else is interested in going with, we're gonna be meeting up at Karl's house and headed up there around 10am.

We could probably meet you somewhere nearby, we are around Sunnyside Rd in Clackamas.

PM Me if you want to go, its not gonna be anything real serious, theres not much too difficult out there.
WheelinJR said:
Awesome, to be honest I never really liked that brown, haha...

You need to get in on the June 22-25th McGrew trip/run that we're planning.

The brown was just primer. Finally getting around to painting some of it.

That's the same weekend as NWfest, and I haven't decided yet.