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Looks like John B won't be available Thanksgiving weekend, but we should hold a meeting soon to coordinate. Who is and who isn't available the weekend following Thanksgiving? Meaning both old and new BOD.

If everyone can make it (and I would like to include John Kolb and if possible Lynn, too), next question is where? Chris, are you willing to play host? Is Langhorne central to most? Pretty much anywhere is going to be a 3-1/2 to 4 hour drive for me so it's more of a concern to make it central for those from the PA/NJ region.

Best time -- Saturday afternoon? Sat evening? Sunday?
I'm available all next week, but, after TG weekend, I'm no good until Dec 27. (unless you want to have the meeting in VT on the 7th, the UK on the 14th, or CO on the 21st).

No matter, schedule it anyway - I'll give you my feedback via e-mail.

Mike in NJ
I have no problem hosting. I think (have to check with the boss) anytime is good except the the weekend of 12/21.