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blinker issues


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Broken Arrow, OK
blinkers were working fine.
then they stopped working.
I swapped out the flashers.
still no worky.
swapped out the 20 amp fuse in the fuse panel.
then they worked....or so I thought.

after a couple of days I noticed:

The signal indicators on the dash work.
My front blinkers and side flashers work.
but the rear blinker bulbs do not flash.

no changes with park/head lights on / off

Any ideas?

Check the blinker fluid. ;) It should be orange so if it looks clear, change it. :D
Seriously, check the rear bulbs and make sure that the wiring isn't shorting out to ground.
blinker fluid topped off and the blinker pump is working fine.

changed the bulbs and still does not work.

guess I will have to take in to someone...I do not know where/how to check to see if it is going to ground.

Get a wiring diagram and check your grounds. Loose grounds cause funky things to happen.
Yeah, it sucks when the lights go on the blink (sorry, I couldn't help myself) ;) . The combination of non-working bulbs and a blown fuse indicates a short somewhere and the obvious thing would be a frayed wire grounding to the body.
after reviewing the fsm electrical schematic it appeared that the most likely failure point was going to be the turn signal switch. because the rear blinkers work off the 2 center legs of the switch. But first I wanted to check for power at the turn signal switch connector.

So I dove in and after removing the lower dash panel, I found the turn signal switch connector.

As I was preparing to separate the conncetor and test for power, I noticed that one side was not connected (pushed in) as completely as the other side. Pushed it together and everything works.

Sometimes it is just that simple. Other times..........well other times it is a Jeep.

thanks all
good to know, my blinkers do the same and sometimes get a little rythm going I am sure I can sell as music if I can just record it. I noticed the problem after dropping off a curb in the city. just haven't dove into the wiring yet.