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BFG MT's, what do you think?


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Gresham oregon
What do you guys think about the BFG MT's. I've heard from some people that they wear fast but I've heard from other people that they don't. What do you guys think. Also do they have much road noise. Thanks
I have 35,000 on mine. They had 19/32" tread depth when new and currently have about 13/32". Tread wear is fairly even with about 4 rotations, including spare, during the 35K miles.

Noise is subjective. Mine whine a bit, especially when they're hungry or tired. I've heard far more favorable comments on BFG MT and AT tires than otherwise.

I'd rate em 5 beers out of a possible 6 :)
in cal.... the big boys run goodyear mtr's. i'm about to invest in a set of my own after much, much research. johnson valley tested! from what i'v seen. 'if they'll run there ..they'll run anywhere'
I have 33's on 10" wheels on my YJ. It tracks down the road very well. Ican drop to about 8 lbs. to run at the sand dunes and not worry about loosing the bead.12 to 15 on dirt or mud. they feel good in the rain. you will not be sorry you bought them.
I had well over 40K on a set of 35 M/Ts on a built Ranger that I used to have. They were kept well balanced, rotated and aligned. They were still going strong when I sold the truck. They were noticably louder than the A/Ts they replaced when I put them on, but not too bad and I got used to it... just one more reason to play the music louder.

They're a good, proven tire and anyone not getting decent mileage out of them can more likely trace the problem to something besides the tire itself. I've spread more than 150K miles over three diffent sets of BFG's over the years without so much as a single flat. My spare I bought with the first set never hit the ground. (this is not a paid advertisement :cool: )


'97 Red XJ Sport; Rusty's 3"; 31x10.5 A/Ts; Stay tuned....
I have had MT and MTR's I currently have MTR's I would say in rain and ice they beat the MT Mud and snow about equivalent, Sound...MTR hands down. Quieter and smoother on expressway
I am on my second set on my Ssang Yong Musso (first one was 135/75R15, the currents are 31") and the first on my XJ (32").

Although I do not have experience with other Mud Terrain designs, I am very happy with the BFG. They do wear a bit if driven continuously on pavement, but no sound increase compared to the standard tires the trucks had. Now both of these trucks are closed-cabin, I do not know how they will sound on an open Wrangler, but I didn't notice any sound increase with them.

If I change, I'll go to the same again.

I have the ATs on my jeep(31") and I am amazed at what they will pull me out of. Every time I go wheeling, I am more and more pleasently surprized. I got out of mud almost to my axles in 2-wheel low (my 4wd wouldn't work).
MT's rock! Ive had 31's on my j20 for years. They may wear a little faster than AT's but there mud tires for goodness sake. Noise isn't bad. They've kept me out of many a jam. I was going through 4' of water and nasty mud when something didn't feel quite right. Got out and saw my tire floating. Jeep pulled through about 15' on 3 tires. Well worth the money.
I've had my 32x11.5 for about a year and ahalf w/ 20K miles on them. They are the new KMs. They give a larger contact area than the older version. I've been all around happy with their performance and wear. Yet, the only thing that I don't like is that the sidewall was a little too weak for me once! The tire slit on either side of the letter "B" when squashed between rim and rock. I really didn't feel I hit it that hard. I'm not that aggressive of a wheeler.
Have you tried around with GYR dealers. Their prices are coming down. Rensing