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Better brakes

On my next build, I'll be going with 35-36" tires and a 5.5 lift. Ford 8.8 in the rear and a Dana 44 in the front. WJ Big brakes front and rear. Also looking at going a bit bigger on the front rotors, to a 13" rotor and Dakota front calipers.
So, to your question, I'll be using a WJ Brake booster and a Dodge Dakota master cylinder.
So from my experience, the Dakota master doesn’t fit the WJ booster. Have you done this to confirm yet?
Yeah I forgot I asked here, and it’s weird the one I had didn’t work on the WJ booster I have.
95 booster
98 ram 1500 master
Studs on a WJ booster are too far apart. WJ booster was a waste.