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best place to buy new gears????


NAXJA Forum User
Guilford CT
i got a 93 with a d30 and d35, i wanna upgrade my gears, never done this before, so wheres the best place to buy/best price, and how hard is it to swap the gears out.
thanks for any help
dont waste your money and time regearing the 35. Wait untill you upgrade. If you dont want to upgrade then randys ring and pinion or west coast differentials are good places to buy gears from.
Rusty gave me a great deal on a pair of 30/44 gears back years ago when I did mine... YMMV there, since I also bought a lot of other stuff at the same time...

PM Rawbrown here on this site, he's very competitively priced too.
do a post in the wanted ads and also look in the FOR Sale forum for the rear gearset. don't sink more $$$ than your really have to into the 35. thats why I suggest trying to find a used set for the rear till funding allows you to get your hands on a D44 or 8.8.