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Bent Frame..... Now What.... (was TOTALLED)

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Ted Z

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Well i was lookin at my jeep a little more and there is about 1/4" gap above the drivers side doors.... Should i aim for finding a reputable body shop with a frame straightener or find an under $2000 vehicle as a body donor..........

how long is it going to take you to come to the realization that this vehicle is toast, and that your hard-earned money will be better spent building up the next structurally sound vehicle?

messing with the current one doesn't seem to make any sense at all, from ANY angle, especially the economy angle.

git awn wit it.
I agree with Beezil. (But don't ever tell him.)

Anything can be fixed, but it ain't cheap. More than likely a shop will have to chop off your bent front clip and weld on a clip (or one side of a clip) from a junkyard parts donor anyway, and you'll pay through the nose for labor. IMHO you will be FAR ahead to find another Cherokee with a solid body and transfer all your goodies to that platform.
start lookin for another one.... in the mean time chop it! and wheel the piss out of it until you fold it in half.... then strip it...
No offense, but christ, dude. How many f***** forums can you post this same question to? Over and over and over again. God only knows how many flavors of this post are out there on JU and P4x4 and such. No matter how many times you ask, the answer is still going to be the same.
Thanx.....Thats what i was hopin for was someone to just hammer me and be a dick about it.... Thats what i always aim for....

I was just reposting because i had an update with new damage i found and as for other forums... I posted on Michigan Jeepers because some of the local guys for me don't watch NAXJA.

Sorry if i bothered anyone......
You bothered me............now go outside and break out that sawzall............then start jeep shoppin'. Like my old man used to say, before he left this shitty world, get busy livin' or get busy dyin'.
Each board offers different input. Each board has different participants which might offer different suggestions, shops, tools........ So let's not condemn verification :)

Now if it was posted on multiple forums at NAXJA, the axe would be dug out and put to use on some of them....

Peace everyone :) :) and lets hope none of us have to worry about this ourselves...

LOL Thanks masked man out yonder in webdom for the voice of moderation.

I dunno about you all... but if MY late-model ride was crunched, I'd be looking for support... not hare-brained sawzall solutions and crap from the peanut gallery. JFC this was his DD... Let the guy mourn and mull some :)

Mind you I like a sawzall... as a pissweak and shock-the-crap-outta-ya-in-the-rain cousin when my cutting torch is out of gas ... like now :bawl: I have spent my 4th SZ blade this week swapping 2 axles. It was "fun" but I'd be leery to go all out on my DD without a plan B ride.

MY advice is fix it and have fun with it. Don't spend big $ at a frame shop... but by installing Adjustable UCA and LCA and you should be able to offset a lot of frame misalignment... enough to keep the front tires straight anyway.

My .02 but I own beaters and like it. If I could keep 2 running at once, I'd like it more.
bg c u n t ry72 can pound sand!!!!! If he's so sick of "reading the same kind of post over and over" then he can quit visiting NAXJA!!! Won't hurt any of our feelings! Heck, I'm sick of reading posts by pissy foul mannered pukes like him myself!! Hope he doesn't post anytime soon looking for free advice about his rig -- what a hipocrit.

Anyway, Ted, I'd get it looked at to see if it's financially feasable first, then weigh that against the purchase of a straight donor rig. The time it would take to swap that stuff over would certainly be a big consideration to me if my rig was my daily driver. If you have to build another rig, maybe those close to where you live could lend a hand and make a big build-party out of it! I'd lend a hand or two if I wasn't so far away!

Good luck with which ever route you choose!
Bitch all you want, but I would not RELY on my DD after the unibody had been compromised. That is what I said from the beginning, and that is what I say now. Feel free to take it up with me personally if you've got the stones, YELLAHEEP.
fear the hipocrit (sic)
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If you could remove some rudeness from your posts....

Including the ones on Pirate4x4..... People would probly listen to you.....
Ted, like I said before, go to a shop and get a price and find out if it's bent in an area of high stress or not. Go from there.

I'm always up for cuttin apart Jeeps, so if it gets to that point I'll bring my sparklin hack saw.

Just an FYI, have you seen pics of Ang's 'new' XJ?? We paid $3500 for it with a 4.5" lift and 31's, they're out there cheap, I'll start keepin my eyes open in this area.

I found a 92 5 speed with a little rust on rockers everything else is solid and running..... for probly $1600-1700......
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