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Bald Mtn Trail Pictures!!


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Kerman, CA

They are in order,

Myself and Melissa (white w/rack), Rob (green) and Lance (little guy), Neil (red) and family, Zion (white) & freind.

Our new freind Dale in the back: Full size Chevy, solid axle conversion, F&R Detroits, Rock Ram Steering, 14" wide Cepecs, and for CRASH, a NV4500 w/6.31 granny.

Dale definitely made it fun for all of us, just look at the picks of Neil falling into a hole. :D

I know I learned to keep the wheel spin to a minimum, the Rev limiter is not your friend.

Don't forget to bring extra socks. :shiver:
How far in did you guys make it? Looks a bit slippery. ;)
That guy in the Chevy looks familiar. I think he was up there at Hollywood Hill with us last year.

That hole found me!!! That tree came out of no where!!! I was also demonstrating extreme tire flex and trail side body modification. :) Also, the need for rear tow points.
We made it to what I think is called mudsnot or something like that, this was my first time there and it was fun. It was definatley slippery. That picture of me upclose was when I slid down that rock sideways because I did not make it up, talk about getting the heart pumping. It was fun and my son had a good time too I think.:)
I was a bit lost, all that white stuff. We went a bit passed picture 34, I think we had to go down and then up the broken granite face. The last 4 pictures are us on the way out.

Dale is a real nice guy, he said he has a 3-year-old. He mentioned he only goes where his rig will fit. I don't know why I didn't take pictures of him when he crawled right over the wash out. Maybe Zion has some pics.
We made it to the bottom of snott hill. It was hard to tell with all the snow but that is what dale said. He seemed to know the trail like the back of his hand and apparently goes every other weekend. There was another guy out there in a sweet YJ driving solo. He did the whole trail.
I didn't get any good pics. The only pics I got was of Neil meeting a pine tree and Neil in a hole:scared: Sorry Neil :D
It was pretty cool when Dale crossed that wash. Mashed up his bumper a bit and almost blew a bead. He later told me that he didn't realize what he was doing until he went in and then he got worried that he wouldn't get out.
ANyone know a good place to post some vids? I got a cool vid of Chuck romping up a icy rock.:guitar:
Glad I brought extra socks!
I see, a thousand photo ops, and all anybody wants to take pictures of is when I kiss the tree. I have to say that Dale did have an awsome rig. I never would have dreamed of crossing that wash out. He made it look easy. Oh yea, Chuck I'm sure that if I had stainless brake lines like you that I would have been able to stop before I hit that tree;)
Bald Mtn.

Great photos! now I'm really disappointed that I could not get the time off and looking forward to joining the fun. Should have the modified wiring harness back for my engine swap next week.