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bad cardon joint, junk yard upgrades????

Just rebuild it yourself. Took me all of 2 hours and $80 in parts + $30 harbor freight u-joint tool(not needed, but makes everything alot easier)
Nearly all of the time it just needs two new u-joints, standard 1310 joints for less than $20 at the parts store. It's a bit of a puzzle getting it apart and back together, but you can do it. We've rebuilt them on the trail. It's easier with a ball joint/u-joint press, but the old fashioned hammer and socket method still works.
I've used two junkyard front drive shafts and they worked great. . . still on the second one. I've also tried to rebuild one. I couldn't quite get the double cardan back together right. The rubber boot was dried out and it didn't go back together very well. I put it on and it vibrated at about 40 mph. I kept it and use it for a trail spare.