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axle swap..


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Forth Worth, TX
This may have been discussed in a previous thread but I searched and couldnt find exactly what I was looking for.

Right now I have a dana 35 that came with my 96 xj. What would be the easiest to instal, and cheapest axle that I can get to upgrade to a stronger axle. I was thinking about going to the junkyard and looking. Any and all suggestions would be ace.


thats the problem asking a question when you probably wont understand the answer. best thing to do is research tons, and this site is great for that. ie read and read and read some more. welcome to the xj world
Umm, did you try looking through even 1 page of Mod. Tech? This has been discussed to great lengths many times.
Also, what size tires do you plan on running?
Do you plan on being locked?
Daily driver or trail rig?
Do you want to regear, and if so how deep?

Little more information will return a better response.
search for a thread by CRASH titled "axles for rocks"

that will tell you a lot...
how would that be his best bet? nothing personal winstonbmx but you dont seem to know much and i doubt a full blown axle swap is what you need to do. if you must swap i would try and get a dana 44 from a cherokee since it will bolt right in.
I would try to find a 8.25 from a 97 or newer XJ. I will bolt right up and I would think that it would be cheeper. Check out the junk yards.
winstonbmx said:
Thanks guys,

Yeah, this isnt something I'm going to do soon. I mean over a period of time I plan on changing it.

in that case, go ford exploder 8.8. less $ than that rare d44, easy and fun project to build over time, it will not require a total rebuild like a d44 would, a lot of them have lower gears and disc brakes factory(compare to 200 for a d44 disc conversion, $400 for gears and installation on a d44) $400 selectable lockers and rear end parts are everywhere.
Easiest AND cheapest:

14 bolt :D. !

Conversion joint, U bolts, spring plates. TAH DAH!!!