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AX15 breather


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Where the heck is the AX15 breather?!? Is there supposed to be a breather?
I installed a new clutch last year and could never find a breather hose or hose barb on my AX15(1993). The unit builds pressure while I drive and I can open the fill pug and air bleeds off. Something doesn't seem right, although the tranny is not leaking.

The pressure is bled off up through the top where the shifter goes in. It is a rubber boot and it will leak, so no need for a breather.
From what I heard when I was looking for mine :D the older XJ's had a hose while the newer one just have a little dimple/cap on top of the tranny and from the looks of it that dimple thing doesn't look like it will want to come out of it's own accord without the fear of dropping broken pieces inside :(