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What are the signs of a bad pump?
My XJ have some noise at the back of the engine that could be heard from the driver's seat as well as under the XJ. It is a ticking similar to a cylinder valve tick. It increases with engine RPM and mostly in the lower ears. Funny, I do not hear it at cold start up.
I would purchase a torque converter, oil pump and flex plate but I hesitant to throw money at it hoping to fix it at some point.
X4. T/C bolts backing out is common, or the flexplate is cracked. If the bolts are loose, add some locktite. If they aren't pry on the flexplate in different spots while you look up with a flashlight looking for cracks.
Removing the transmission will be my only option in determining were the problem lies. Looking at it from underneath I see noting that seem out of place or broken.