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XJ Dreamin'

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through the gap avatar works.

anyone is welcome to it
I was hoping the white would be transparent. I'll have to take a look at that.
Got it to go transparent.

Now I'm not sure if it wasn't better with the white background :dunno:
Lawn Cher' said:
Maybe color the tires black?

Yeah, you're right. I was going to have mountains go by in the background but it got too much with the original 32 frames. This only has 18 frames. Maybe I'll do that at the same time I fix the tires.

Bigger tires would look good too!
Brendan_91XJ said:
Bigger tires would look good too!

Got the black tires going but no mountains yet. The sign says "DIP". Real original, I know. It's a test for framing the future mountains. The tires are scaled to 30" and the rig has 3" of lift. The fenders are not trimmed but I'm not showing the unibody or engine through the fenders and that makes the tires look small. But then, it's not intended for crawling or bogging. It's meant for rally and light pre-running.

I'm thinking now instead of mountains I'll put in a bar. Then we could pull over and have a beer :cheers: .
Any suggestions for the name of the bar?
OK. Figured out about midnight last night how to get the mountains in by cut-n-paste without having to re-draw them for each frame. The whole thing is getting a little dark now: hard to see the Jeep.

I'm still considering putting in a bar or strip joint or something.
Looks real good to me... what's the darker blue stripe in the upper part of the windows?
Lawn Cher' said:
Looks real good to me... what's the darker blue stripe in the upper part of the windows?

The original AVI frames are large, with 128dpi and 24-bit color. In that format the windows had a blue/white gradient fill. By the time I reduced the frames to 100 pixels wide and 4-bit color depth the gradient was lost. That 19kb restriction on avatars bites. I'm working on a version with a lighter background and beefier tires but for some reason it grew to 22kb and NAXJA won't load it.

I haven't done a beer stop version but it just occured to me that it should drive past a busted up yota or H2 or something :repair: .

Any more 4-hour nights like last night and I won't be able to see the damn avatar, let alone work on it :laugh3: .
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Final version, for awhile. Beefier tires and transparent windows. Still no driver or passengers.
Thanks guys. The damn thing's becoming an obsession. I laid off it the last two nights and got some sleep. I feel better now :wierd: .

I think the mountains are still too dark. The roof line and pillars almost disappear. Maybe more "purple mountains magesty" instead of dark brown.

The current version is a 17 frame 100x53 pixel GIF @ 128dpi with 256 (8-bit) color depth.

The GIF is available here:

It's actually edited as an AVI and then converted to GIF. I'll have to find a place to host the AVI.

It comes from a project using DeltaCad to compare control arms to radius arms. I'm working on a little tutorial explaining the geometry of control arms vs. radius arms and their respective effects on pinion angle and castor. I can export individual sketches from that to DXF or BMP. Like this:


or this:


Anyway, enjoy. If anyone who knows how wants to put it in the avatar list, feel free.