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ATTN: Geeks and I.T. types


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Dunno if this should be on Classifieds, but it doesn't even pertain to XJs or any other vehicle, so pardon me for posting here.

My significant other lives in Chile. Recently, while she was visiting her kids in Santiago, her apartment in a smaller town was burglarized and (naturally) her computer was one of the items stolen.

We rely on the computer and e-mail to communicate. New computers are very expensive in Chile, and used ones almost don't exist. She is currently visiting me here in the USA for the first two weeks of July. Just wondered if anyone might have an older notebook or subnotebook sitting around gathering dust that you'd like to pass along. It doesn't need a lot of computing power -- needs to run Win98 or newer, have a 56K modem, and a CD and floppy for installing software. That's about it.

I can pay up to a couple of hundred clams, but since I'm out of work at the moment it would be great if anyone has one they "need" to get rid of to make space in the closet.

Thanks for your consideration.

Forum Fixer said:
Eagle, I know it was more than budgeted, but wanted to pass this along. A heck of a deal. Maybe replace your machine with it, and send your old one off to Chile??

Thanks for the tip. I considered something like that, but the install routine for a well-known office suite "updated" something on my Toshiba with an older version of a DLL and ever since the modem hasn't been able to connect (or when it does connect, I get to make max three web site jumps before it locks up tight). So giving her my old one isn't a viable option.
I'll let you know man. I might be having some old P2/266 laptops available for a couple hundred, but don't know, depends on if empoyees want them first (they have to be first in line), I'll let you know.
Of course employees get first shot, that's only fair. However, if a discreet word from the IT director made it clear to them just how woefully underpowered and inadequate those machines really are ...


Thanks. Keep me posted.
You might also check out:


In my school days my friends would buy from them because they were the only laptops they could afford. I only remeber anyone having one problem and the company replaced it promptly.

I think they start at a little more than your two bills though.

Looks very good. I think I'll give them a call. Thanks.