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Dayton, OH
Jeff, what's the part # on your double flare tool from JC? I can't find it in their catalog and need one post haste.

Somebody call my name???? Hang on a sec.......

Yes, it's a PITA to find on JCW's website......go figure, searching for either flare or flaring doesn't produce results.


If that link doesn't work, search for TOOLS, select Brake Tools, and it should be in that following list.

The flare tool is SKU 14ZX2565U. The double flare button adapters are SKU 81ZX0294A.

that *is* pretty whizbang.....

when you think that a "normal" tool (slow cumbersome) costs almost as much as this one, theres no other flaring tool I'd raher use....

jeff, you love your tools as much as I!

btw, I did get your message about the cameras, thanks fer thinkin......hope you didn't thinki was blowin you off!

thanks again tool man.
Relatively little is as irritating as "making do" with a tool that isn't designed well for the job if I'm doing it more than once. Flare tools, ball joint presses, pullers, etc. I spend a lot of bucks on a big ball joint press a year ago. I considered it money well spent after all 4 joints came out pretty easily (read: Hi-Lift handle over a half in breaker bar, and no sweat!)

If the job is worth doing, do it RIGHT.

Lessee, the engineer's spoof on the old Ray Stevens song: "Fifty ways to love your lever."

Edit: I'm kind of surprised that Obi-OneTon waited this long to buy one, he borrowed it out in Moab a year and a half ago.
Thanks Jeff. I haven't gotten it yet because I haven't needed it. Now I've got umpteen million flares I need to do and it's time to get the right tool for the job.

chris, so..........

are you fine with the bare minimum?

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I need ya to come in and work on sat, aaaaah and why dont ya come in on sunday too.. yahhhhhh

Chew..Its good to be a gangster..bacca