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Atlas II Questions


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Lancaster, PA
I'm thinking of replacing the TJ with an older XJ. Just flirting with the idea, really - I'm waiting for an epiphany.

I already have an Atlas II 4.3:1 bolted up to the AX15 in my TJ.

Would I be able to bolt that into an 89 XJ with an auto trans, presumably AW4, with minimal difficulty?

Also, what would I have to do to make the brakes work again while driving in low range with the Atlas II installed? (besides popping it in neutral)

Thanks for any feedback! :)
Any time you get up around 75 to 1 with an auto trans, it's going to want to walk through the stock brakes. A Dana 44 with twin piston calipers and 12 inch disks in front, with matching 12 inch disks in back will cure your braking woes.

The Atlas should bolt up just peachy. You might have to eliminate the 1" spacer you MIGHT be using currently, but both units are 23 spline output with the same bolt pattern.

I belive that pre 95 xj are 21 spline I know my 89 was 21 spline.It cost me 50 bucks to change it to 23 when I did engine/trans conversion.

Marc S.