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Arnold beat up an XJ


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XJ sighting in T3! It looks like an older body style with newer rims (?). It's a pair that sits next two a pair of H1's (miltary) until one of the XJ's gets beaten up by Arnold :(

That reminds me. Have any of you watched the cheesy movie "Rollerball"? Movie with Chris Klein and LL Cool J??? I was watching it the other day and noticed there is a 6x6 XJ in it!!!! No joke, I had to watch it again to make sure, but sure enough, it was an XJ that had 2 rear axles. Now that would be a pretty good idea for someones promotion poser. Or could it really be usefull on a trail?........LOL

lol... yup... IIRC someone in the movie cast or somehow connected to manufacturing actually owns it... :D

To recap some other movie appearances:
1. Castaway
2. XXX
3. Rollerball
4. Gone in 60 seconds
5. True Lies

Did I miss any?
I think it was the movie "Mothman Prophecies" that the female police officer drove an XJ.

And "Shallow Hal" drove a green XJ Sport.

Someone drove an XJ in the movie "Very Bad Things".

it's a weird thing to remember XJ's in movies :) ....
Haven't watched "Goonies" in a loooong time, but someone once mentioned that the opening scene has the bad guys driving one.
yup they made their escape at the start after the bank robbery with momma driving a 5 sp. PS we bought goonies for the kids its a classic!!!!!!!
Cast Away
Double Jeopardy
Sleepless in Seattle
View to a Kill
Made In America
Father of the Bride
Father of the Bride II
Fast and Furious
Analyze That
Cape Fear
Forget Paris
Hard Target
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
8 Heads In A Duffle Bag
The Burbs
The Cable Guy
Dumb and Dumber
Black Moon Rising
Very Bad Things
Bourne Identity
limo xj

their a limo woody style xj in dumb and dumber when they reach aspen crazy
OK, any more info? As in the "weird' mismatches like in cast away? I want tit to be as complete as we can get it :D so if anyone remmberes scenes, please list the movie and the scene it was used in.

Also I remembered another movies: Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever

There's one in the background in Back To The Future near the beginning. During the scene when Marty and Jennifer are talking on the bench in front of the clock tower.