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Hey all. I havnt met hardly any of you. But I am going to be leaving for Phoenix for a year. Which means I am ganna miss a whole summer of offroading. But while I am gone, I stil want to do stuff to my jeep. Like rebuild the wayyyyyyy overmilaged engine, and get some axles in there. But I also wanted to know if I should take my jeep to AZ? Are there any worth while trails? Well. I dont know. But its ganna be hard to let is sit for that long. :( So yea. thanks. MATT
Theres some really friggin good trails in AZ! Youre crazy not to take the jeep!

BTW this is Jason w/the Green TJ (swamp lake run) posting under Kents name. :D
There are more good hardcore trails within 30 miles of Phoenix than there are in all of California.

Hope you got a good tire warranty, Arizona rocks are MURDER on tires.

Axle Alley, Predator, Ajax Mine, Terminator, Judgement Day, Annhilator, just to name a few. More trails get opened every year.

AZ fully kicks ass.