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Are my springs safe for a bastard pack?


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I took pictures, but don't know how to post them, so I guess I'll they to describe them.

I have a new 99 xj, and the rear springs are sagging past flat. When resting on the ground the ends curve downward. I jacked up the rear from the hitch until just before the wheels lifted to see how the springs looked extended. In that stat the front of the springs looked normal, but the rear still had some negative arch near the shackle. Not a ton, but it was noticable.

Also, this xj was from chicago, so the leafs are covered in rust flakes.

I'm considering adding leafs from an s-10, or maybe airbags for lift, but the main leaf will still need to locate the rear end. Are they safe?
to post pictures, go to wwwdot photobucket.com and open an account, upload the photos and then link to them.

Your springs should be OK as long as they are broken or cracked.
Thanks, lets see if this works.

Rear at rest

Front at rest

Rear jacked up


Notice how even when jacked up the rear has some reverse arch. Will this cause problems with a full-length second leaf?

If it's safe and will work that'd be great 'cause I won't have to worry about removing the main leafs and all the mess that's involved with that. Anyone use airbags for lift with stock springs?
you should be fine, mine are worse than that and i packed them last year. no problems yet, just lost one of the anti-squeak pads on the pass side, and its a little noisy when you flex it. i'll try to get some pics of mine up tonite, but close to the center pin, the main doesn't touch the lower leaves, which some would consider scary, but i've not had any problems....
yes when you install the bastard springs make sure the first one covers the entire length of your main xj leaf eye to eye, it has worked out well for me and the springs dont invert
Thanks ya'll. I was pretty worried when I first looked at them, figured they weren't safe. Guess I can relax now.